At Qualibec, integrity and sustainability are at the forefront of our operations. Our enterprise is an embodiment of passion and innovation making us a reliable partner to assist you with your project. We think outside the box and get the job done.


Our vision

Reassessing the way cleaning is done, incorporating technological advancements to deliver superior quality propelling us to become the industry standard.

The Fundamentals

Health & Site Security

At Qualibec, an emphasis is placed on the health and safety of our technicians, clients and the public. Prior to commencing a new project, a walkthrough is done to highlight potential dangers and secure the site.

Full Circle Evaluation

We adapt our safety protocol program to each site. Our infrastructure enables us to virtually ensure that our technicians follow safety codes and fill out required inspection forms every step of the way. Our field technicians are then asked to evaluate site supervisors to ensure the safety measures were adopted and enforced.

Édifice Humaniti en parteneriat avec EBC

Sustainable Thinking

Realigning the way we think and operate is important for us in order to do our part to help with the preservation and sustainability of the environments we encounter. We do this by:

  • Managing combustible energy emissions and noise pollution on every project
  • Monitoring water consumption
  • Instill an environmentally conscious mindset